Changing your E-mail Address on BEOWORLD

This FAQ provides an overview for Beoworld members wishing to change their e-mail address.

  • If you change your e-mail address there are TWO places where this change MUST take place on Beoworld.

  • The first is on the forum itself which you can change yourself by going to "Edit your Profile" on the top right hand side of the Forum. This will effect all e-mail you receive from the Forum ONLY.

    Click HERE to see associated screen shots

    Your first action is to change the e-mail address on the forum
    which you can do yourself as follows:-

    Click on "EDIT YOUR PROFILE" as shown below Edit your Profile

    Now Click the "SITE OPTIONS" tab and scroll down the page and you will see the following:-
    Add your New E-mail Address

  • Your E-mail address MUST also be updated on the Beoworld Web Site Members database.
    This cannot be done directly by you.
    Click HERE to send the details to KEITH who will do the update for you.

Other Questions

Where is my E-mail Address stored and used ?

Your E-mail address is stored with other user details in a secure database connected to the Beoworld Web Site.
When you log in at the web site it provides your e-mail address and membership status to the forum, BUT NOT your password. Your yearly reminder E-mail's for renewal of your membership are generated from the Web Site Database automatically.

Why is the Web Site E-mail address not automatically updated ?

For security reasons it was decided that there would be no backward link from the forum to the Beoworld Web Site and only the web site Administrators would have access to the secure members database.
It was also assumed that members would only rarely be changing their E-mail address.