New Technical Section of Beoworld

Since the launch of Beoworld on 16th April 2007 the web site and forum have provided members with a large amount of technical information and answers to their problems. However, the moderating team were very aware that unless you were a regular visitor finding what you wanted could be time consuming and sometimes difficult to find.

So, in 2011 we have decided to make several updates, first to the Forum itself which we have been working on for sometime to include a facility called "Verified Answer" which highlights and moves an accepted correct answer to a question to the top of a thread next to the original question asked.and secondly creation of this technical section which will provide information in an easy to find format.

From this TECHNICAL -- HOME page there are links on the right to all the product sections where there is currently technical information available. As the year goes on we will be adding to this list.

Within each product section there will be a minimum of an FAQ section, links to threads in the forum related to that product and a technical overview of the product including version history where applicable, common problems etc